Local Development Plan

Planning policies which apply to Hertford are to be found in a series of documents referred to collectively as the Development Plan.

The most important of these is the East Herts District Plan adopted by East Herts Council in 2018.

The Development Plan also includes two Adopted Neighbourhood Plans. These are the Bengeo Neighbourhood Area Plan adopted by East Herts Council in July 2021 and the Sele Neighbourhood Area Plan also adopted in July 2021.

A Kingsmead Neighbourhood Plan is in course of preparation but has yet to reach the stage of Adoption. This means that this Plan is not currently part of the overall Development Plan.

In addition to the District Plan and the two Neighbourhood Plans, the Development Plan also includes the County Minerals Local Plan adopted by Hertfordshire County Council in March 2007 and the County Waste Local Plan adopted by the County Council in November 2012. These two plans are likely be replaced shortly by a single Hertfordshire Mineral and Waste Local Plan.

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