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Over 100 residents met at RC Church Hall, on Oct 22nd, 7.30pm. Bircherley Green redevelopment ideas for Chase New Homes and East Herts Council collected by feedback forms, journalists and video. Chaired by Josh Dean and Malcolm Ramsey.  Report here



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Feedback slip ananoymous summary from the meeting here

Read the ideas for the town here, and for Bircherley Green here which are also summarised here


We have reviewed a number of planning applications recently.

Housing sites allocated in the District Plan: Archers Spring and Thieves Lane in Sele and the former Nursery site in Bengeo, the Hertford Mill site in Tamworth Road where the proposal is mainly for flats.  
These residential schemes raise serious issues about: transport links, provision of health facilities, proportion of houses and flats, affordable housing and parking space.  


Leisure Centre. We are critical of the proposed extension, because the open, verdant character of Hartham should be maintained. The proposed new industrial design of the building stands out and draws attention to itself.

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* To stimulate the interest of residents in the quality of the environment in Hertford and the surrounding area and to maintain its character as a small market town.

* To encourage central and local government, companies and private individuals to adopt high standards of architectural design, town planning and management of the environment.

*To encourage appropriate development, improvement and conservation so that we and future generations can benefit from the good which we have inherited and safeguard Hertford’s life as a community in which we can live and work.


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Hertford Civic Society is a charity which has since 1969 acted as a focus for residents interested in shaping the future of the town.

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Cross-county tramway meets objectives of

       Hertfordshire's A414 Corridor Strategy

Sustainable travel at the heart of Hertfordshire

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Shown at Welwyn Film Club to a large appreciative audience in the main theatre Campus West on 24th Nov. Have a viewing for your group event. Make Contact Now

 Herts Orbital Transit proposal by HCS can cut County's carbon footprint
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Trams are highly efficient public transport.  Trams are electric, so emit no fumes. On May 1st 2019 MP's declared a climate change emergency.  HCC has also done so.  How will the county change its strategy?


Trams are fast reliable comfortable

Easy and attractive travel. 

Trams avoid road congestion with their own routes and priority at road junctions. .


Trams make places attractive for people

Routes through town centres.  Integrated with local buses.  Links to where most people want to go.


Trams reduce car journeys and road traffic

Trams change travel habits.  Because trams are attractive and reliable, car use drops dramatically and so does road traffic.  Air quality improves.


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Hertfordshire County Council consulted the public on its ideas for the A414 corridor, see here. Amongst these is a possible by-pass for Hertford, estimated cost "up to £500 million".  


On January 16 Councillor Derek Ashley addressed over 200 people in the RC church - see report. Everyone was encouraged to give their feedback on a simple slip. The Civic Society committee noted these, and views posted on our blog, when making the Society's formal response, see here.


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