George Sandell Remembered

A life of achievements

Waterford Heath memorial bench at a special viewpoint chosen by his family 23rd July.

George passed on his experience to help the successful “Stop the Quarry” team.
In the late 1980s George founded the Campaign Against Gravel Extraction (CAGE) with the help of the Hertford Civic Society. Even thirty years ago Hertford and nearby communities were threatened by a Super Quarry - 800 acres of land north of the town - 20 million tonnes of sand and gravel to be extracted from 375 acres over 17 years with “restoration” extending to 30 years. 

George’s son Peter spoke of his father’s commitment to the environment,

"He became very involved in big campaigns throughout the country. He went off to Nottingham and Yorkshire and all sorts of places to speak to groups."

Funding raised by local residents organised by Aska Wisniewska-Pickering with assistance from Hertford Civic Society.

 byde street closure proposal

Byde Street Trial Closure?

Hertfordshire County Council propose a 12 month trial for The Bengeo Quieter Streets Project. Local residents and businesses have until 3rd August to respond.

Plan & Questionnaire


Hertford’s rivers their flood threats and environmental issues 

by Ian Davis



Spring 2022 HCS Newsletter


Winter 2022

Conversion of offices and retail

Damage to the character of the Conservation Area

Former Christ’s Hospital sports ground to the west of Mangrove Road

Former Gates site on Gascoyne Way 

Town Centre Housing

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Full list of HCS planning responses



Update on Rapid Transit (HERT)

HERT is described as a “new, sustainable passenger transport network” running from Hemel Hempstead and West Watford (joining just south of St Albans) to Harlow and onwards to Stansted Airport. Full details are available on the County Council web site.

From November 2021 to January 2022 Hertfordshire County Council carried out a period of public engagement to ask for feedback on:

  • the principles of the HERT, including the vision of what the project is intended to achieve and key features
  • the need for and benefits of the HERT
  • current travel behaviours of people in Hertfordshire and West Essex and the possible trips that could be made using the HERT
  • the towns and key transport inter-changes the HERT could serve within an east-west corridor from Hemel Hempstead and West Watford to Harlow.

Hertfordshire County Council officers are currently analysing the feedback received and intend to share the findings “later in Spring 2022”

Detailed technical studies and further public engagement will look at how the HERT will operate, the exact route it will take, and the type of vehicles it will use. These elements were not included in the recent public engagement.

Contributing to the public engagement the Civic Society noted a report that “technical work … would include further consideration as to whether a Hertford Bypass is required to enable the HERT to travel through the Hertford area”. Although the type of vehicle has not been determined a presumption that the vehicle will be rubber tyred appears to be governing the potential location of HERT on existing roads (primarily Gascoyne Way, Hertford) involving some reduction of existing capacity for car use. The Civic Society suggested that other routes round Hertford could be developed without compromising existing traffic capacity and recommended further exploration of these options.


In May 2021 Civic Society members received presentations from the East Herts Council about the Hertford Theatre Redevelopment.
A video recording of those presentations can be accessed from HERE …

Cllr Eric Buckmaster, Executive Member for Wellbeing at East Herts Council is reported (December 2021) to have said: "the current financial climate, and supply chain issues being experienced in the construction sector, have meant the process of sourcing a contractor is taking longer than expected.”
In February 2022 East Herts tweeted:
Responses to tender invitation have been received. There now follows an evaluation and moderation process. Subject to the evaluation outcome and approval process, a decision on award of contract is scheduled to be made in early March.”

The Theatre are currently saying “We are due to re-open late 2023.”


 Hertford Civic Society is a charity which has since 1969 acted as a focus for residents interested in shaping the future of the town.

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Cross-county tramway meets objectives of Hertfordshire's A414 Corridor Strategy

Sustainable travel at the heart of Hertfordshire

click here to view Tramways video

 Herts Orbital Transit proposal by HCS can cut County's carbon footprint
to view click here 

Trams are highly efficient public transport.  Trams are electric, so emit no fumes. On May 1st 2019 MP's declared a climate change emergency.  HCC has also done so.  How will the county change its strategy?


Trams are fast reliable comfortable

Easy and attractive travel. 

Trams avoid road congestion with their own routes and priority at road junctions. .


Trams make places attractive for people

Routes through town centres.  Integrated with local buses.  Links to where most people want to go.


Trams reduce car journeys and road traffic

Trams change travel habits.  Because trams are attractive and reliable, car use drops dramatically and so does road traffic.  Air quality improves.

Leave a message for Reg Harman, our tram expert in the video above, to learn more about trams or Herts Orbital Transit at email:


Press Release here

Unveiling of Plaques for Building Excellence

Carlton court

Carlton Court

Social housing in Sele Farm was variously described as “visionary” and “transformational” at the unveiling of plaques to mark Hertford Civic Society’s occasional awards for the town’s best new buildings.

19th Oct 2021

Henrietta Court



Press Release here

Bircherley Green Go Ahead
Chase New Homes Ltd  Marketing

bircherley images

Hertford Climate Change 
Hertford Town Centre
25th September 2021

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