Lea Wharf and the delivery lorries

Lea Wharf is in action. This finally plugs ‘the hole in the heart of Hertford’, after
Waitrose closed in 2018 and was then demolished.

Hertford Civic Society very much welcomes the completion of Lea Wharf.
There’s just one ongoing issue where we hope a good resolution can be
achieved. This is the occasional need for large lorries to make deliveries to the
businesses along the ground floor of Lea Wharf.

Lea Wharf’s riverside roadway is also much used by pedestrians, so there is
potential for conflict. Chase New Homes, developers of Lea Wharf, are obliged
to agree a ‘delivery and servicing management plan’ for vehicle access, and to
review this as necessary in partnership with East Herts Council.

Like a good few other people who posted objections on the planning portal of
East Herts Council, Hertford Civic Society objected to deliveries happening in
the late afternoons and evenings – when more people would be walking along
the riverside route for the lorries. Mornings would be better.

We’ll be watching to see how all of this works out in reality.

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