Every few years, Hertford Civic Society reviews the major new buildings or renovations in Hertford. The winning site gets a plaque for public display. Other high-quality developments receive certificates of commendation. For instance, the massive renovation of Shire Hall got a plaque in 1991, for an overhaul which took the building back to the kind of appearance originally envisaged by the Adam brothers in the eighteenth century.

In 2020, the main award went to a substantial scheme of social housing commissioned by Network Homes, the Ridgeway development, in the Sele area of Hertford.

2020 HCS Awards Winner: Houses and Flats at the Ridgeway, Sele Farm

The main focus of these awards is on how key buildings have changed the town visually, identifying the success stories. The awards process can also be used to highlight sustainable practice, or to expose serious failings of design or construction.

The whole process is carried out with great care, under the guidance of an independent expert, assisted by a panel of Hertford people. Additionally, Hertford Civic Society asks its members for their views. 

While it is difficult for any assessment to cover all aspects of building work, Hertford Civic Society’s awards process is the one and only way in which developments in the town are publicly and systematically reviewed, on a reasonably regular basis.

The 2020 HCS Award Announced

Winner: Houses and Flats at the Ridgeway, Sele Farm


Refurbishment of Mill House and new houses  – Ware Park

Media House, Ware Road – conversion into apartments

Business units at Great Northern Works, Hartham Lane

Houses and flats in Tudor Way and Hutton Close, Sele Farm & Welwyn Rd

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