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Our aims and objectives. News and current issues. Bircherley Green
William Pye's Salisbury Square fountain, Alfred Russel Wallace memorial, Blue Plaques, Planning reviews, AGM, and feedback. Names of committee members
Description of Hertford, the town
Our lecture meetings, visits, garden party,and Heritage Trail walk
Planning reviews past and present, including A414 air quality, Bengeo quarry, Minerals Plan Local review, Transport Vision 2050 and southern bypass
Photographs of buildings winning our awards in 2006, 2011, and 2016
Our newsletters from 2013 to date, other documents we have written e.g. Comments on District Plan, retirement village, and Green Fingers policy
How to join the Society
3 Books about Hertford buildings and Castle history
A form that encourages visitors and members to give feedback on the website and issues facing Hertford and the Society
Other websites for more information