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Video comments on the A414 Corridor Strategy

Posted on 13th February, 2019

See this video for two Hertford Civic Society members' comments. Short terms solutions to reduce A414 traffic congestion. Has the A414 Corridor Strategy from Hertfordshire County Council got it right? Do we want a new Hertford bypass? Do we want new houses in the Green Belt? Can short term traffic solutions reduce traffic enough? If they do not, only then build a Mass Rapid Transit system or new bypass.  HCC puts the cost of a new bypass at "up to £500 million".

Why is a new bypass suggested for Hertford?

Posted on 6th December, 2018

Gasgoyne Way around Hertford town centre is a rush hour bottleneck on the A414, and is forecast to carry increasing volumes of traffic in future.  Hertfordshire County Council is consulting on its ideas for the A414 corridor and for a surface bypass to take the through traffic, supposedly freeing up Gasgoyne Way for local traffic and enabling several public transport options.  See the HCC website for details.  A southern route for the bypass is preferred, since it would allow shorter journey times for most through traffic.  A tunnel is thought to be too expensive.  Green Belt land will inevitably be lost to the new road, and if new junctions were provided then this would offer developers new sites for more new housing, and Hertford would grow further.