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Posted on 5th July, 2020

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Our "top five" are:

No 4. 7 Dwellings in St Johns Street (Nos. 3 to 9)
No 9. Houses and Flats in Tudor Way etc (Sele Farm)
No 12. Station Gate (Wilmot Court etc)
No 14. Media House conversion
No 17. Business Units at Great Northern Works
I feel there is a very limited range of interesting new buildings in Hertford and for some of those suggested it is early to judge their merit.
The use of renewable energy and recycling of 'grey water' needs to be taken into consideration in the final choice as well as the design. At least one parking and one cycle covered space should be included for each residential unit. This is important for town centre development or parked cars will encroach on nearby residential streets upsetting residents.
7 Mill House, tidies up and enhances what was a rather derelict site and provides an attractive view from the towpath.
14 Conversion of Media House Ware Rd: this looks a sympathetic conversion of use from offices to apartments.
18 Conversion of tower building at Hertford Brewery: this looks a sympathetic conversion of an industrial site to apartments saving an important building and view in Hertford.
20 Comprehensive improvements to Ridgeway Park: this is a welcome and necessary recognition that play areas for children are an important asset for aiding the development community cohesion.
17 Business Units at GN works: this is a neat tidying up of an industrial site in central Hertford.
My choice for the short list is: 5, 7, 13, 14, 18, and 20.
However it is not possible to assess fully the places given from just an exterior photograph. I would have liked to know more about the internal design of all flats and houses, and extent of improvements made to 20 the park and to 13 and 14.
In no order of preference.....
2. Refurbishment of the White Horse, Hertingfordbury - Just a good well thought out use of the space with buildings that acknowledge the pub architecture and village setting
5. Houses and flats at the Ridgeway - Striking, well designed and proportionately laid out, offering good community space
7. Mill House/Ware Park - A great view from across the river and an even better one from the north bank.
8. Flats and houses, Hamilton Way. Somehow the design really fits well against the older nearby buildings and the more austere flats that are opposite and nearby.
12. Station gate. OK, somewhat pastiche but this is what was probably needed on the approach to the town from the East railway station.
Reserve. Carriage Court buildings. I might not want to live there, what with all the traffic noise and pollution (?) but it was always gong to be a crazy site to fill - ultimately, it's a thoughtful range of buildings and adaptations that enhance the site.
My favourites are
1. Ridgeway - would be happy to live there, safe space for children to meet and play in the road, back garden flexibility (cars/grass), vernacular detail in brickwork, residents involved, bike racks in the basements of the flats.
2.Ridgeway playground - at last children have been considered, the built environment affects them too!
3.Media house - splendid refurb of iconic Hertford very visible building - and with trees.
4.Ware Park Mill, another restoration of what was a dismal scruffy area, I remember chickens perching on the upstairs window sills.
5. Great Northern works - another scruffy 'old Hertford' area cleaned up and made open and airy

There are 3 admirable residential candidates, Duncombe Road, the old White Horse, Hertingfordbury and Bullocks Close; I also liked the Station Gate replacement for the old Abbiss building which 'fell down' and the flats over the Hospice shop in Maidenhead street, both alas marred by hideous ground floor signage.

Good to see so much pleasing development all round the town
My preferences are 5 (The Ridgeway - seems a bit raw now but will improve), 12 (Station Gate - let down by the gravel at the front but Barker Court is a jewel), 16 (St Andrew St - fits in so much better than No 6 opposite), 15 (17 Ware Rd - so well done you think it was always like that) and 4 (St John's St - though it's a pity there wasn't room for some small trees at the front).
Hello Fredan,

Congratulations you are the first to vote. Appearance-wise I agree that 6 is original but who would want to live between two busy roads in a defined pollution zone? Why did you overlook the new development at the Ridgeway, Sele Farm? A wonderful idea to change the brewery Tower into apartments but this has this changed the appearance of a prominent landmark?
I favour, 6, 7, 16, 19, 18 in that order.