Bircherley Green ideas - short and long term

Give the Society's committee your ideas about how this now blighted area could best be used.  They will inform the committee in talks to be held with the owner's agents, East Herts Council, and others.


You need not be constrained by previous plans. High Street trading has been in decline everywhere, and the designs approved in 2017 are now redundant. What might be the key features of any fresh plans? What does Hertford need, what would it benefit from? What are the strengths of Hertford? What are its weaknesses? Does development necessarily involve knocking down everything now standing, or are there some buildings that might be kept, perhaps with new uses? What are your thoughts?

We are not looking for detailed proposals from members, just key concepts.  Leave your name and contact details if you wish the committee to contact you in future.




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I live on Riverside, Folly Island, directly opposite  Bircherely Green, and am lucky to live in such a wonderful part of Hertford and one which must be of the most photographed places in the town, I have concerns that the views of those who would be most impacted by the development need a 'louder voice' and the Riverside residents need support with what would be a huge and somewhat emotional change to our day to day lives and living.   I understand and agree that the site does need developing for the future regeneration of Hertford, but the current plans show no respect or consideration to the heritage of Hertford or Folly Island residents.
The visuals presented by Chase Homes are a stark reminder of how their proposed design does not, in any way, respect us or the character of our homes and the surroundings.  I find the imagery of the development distasteful in the extreme and when comparing the two sides of the river I don’t see how any consideration has been given to the heritage of the area by Chase Homes with the proposed overbearing buildings which are completely out of keeping with this historic area.
I met with Alan Ward from Chase Homes albeit briefly at the exhibition at The Hertford House Hotel, Alan Ward said he wanted to work with the Riverside Residents to come to a solution that worked for both parties, this has turned out not to be true as we have since arranged to meet Alan Ward twice, both times he has cancelled the meeting at very short notice with no offer of another meetingextremely disappointing that he promised so much and has not even found the time to meet with us once.


The proposed images cause me to feel great sadness that a developer could even think such a monstrosity is viable.
Please do feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss this with myself and other Riverside residents.
Kind regards

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Posted on 18th July, 2019

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