Hertford to Ware Riverside Path

The path along the river Lea, between Hertford and Ware, might feel timeless. Actually, it was only
created in the mid 1990s. Before then, crucially, there was no bridge providing access from Hartham
Common towards the Meads.

Bridge and path came into being when Hertford Civic Society, chipping in with some seed-corn
funding of its own, persuaded Hertford County Council (HCC) and other local councils to commission
Sustrans (sustainable transport champions in general, not just cycling specialists) to do a feasibility
study of routes for cyclists and walkers in Hertford and Ware.

The top recommendation by Sustrans was the creation of this off-road route between Hertford and
Ware, following the Lea. It is now part of the National Cycle Network (Route 61), but is also enjoyed
by walkers, joggers and people in buggies and wheelchairs.

This path was HCC’s first cycle route of any significance. Funding was modest. Some of the work was
done by volunteers from BT. The path doesn’t have tarmac all along its length. Nonetheless, it has
become popular for people both in Hertford and Ware. Perhaps it even helps to reduce the ancient
rivalry between the two towns.

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