George Sandell Memorial Bench

A memorial bench with a view on Waterford Heath was installed to celebrate the life and contributions to Hertford of George Sandell, at a special viewpoint chosen by his family. Funding was raised by local residents with assistance from Hertford Civic Society.

George passed on his experience to help the successful “Stop the Quarry” team.

In the late 1980s George founded the Campaign Against Gravel Extraction (CAGE) with the help of the Hertford Civic Society. Even thirty years ago Hertford and nearby communities were threatened by a Super Quarry – 800 acres of land north of the town – 20 million tonnes of sand and gravel to be extracted from 375 acres over 17 years with “restoration” extending to 30 years.

Video: George Sandell (2 January 1927- 23 April 2021) Memorial Bench

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