Guide to making a comment or objection to a licensing application East Herts Council grants Premises Licences for “licensable” activities.

These activities are:

  1. The sale of alcohol.
  2. The supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to, or to the order of, a member of the club.
  3. The provision of regulated entertainment.
  4. Late night refreshment (the provision of hot food and drink between 11pm and 5am).

Residents and businesses are able to comment on applications for Premises Licences.

You may become aware of an application for a premises licence because applicants must advertise their application by posting a pale blue notice visible from outside the premises for 28 days from the day the application is made. They must also publish details of the application in the public notices section of a newspaper circulating in the area within 10 days of making the application.

You are entitled to inspect an application and any current licence on the statutory register, free of charge in person at the East Herts Council offices in Hertford. This will also include details of any amendments the applicant may have made to their application following negotiations with the Police, Environmental Health, and other residents. Amendments can add conditions or reduce hours of operation, but cannot increase hours Representation can be made by email, by fax, by post or by hand delivery to the Council offices.

Representations must be received no later than 28 days after the application was made.

The Council also accepts objections made by persons signing a petition.

Objections may only be made on the grounds that the application would undermine one or more of the Licensing Objectives:

  • Crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Public nuisance
  • Protecting children from harm

Objections are shared with applicants. Names and addresses may be disclosed unless you specifically ask us to withhold your details. Objections against applications may result in the matter going to a public hearing. You can attend the hearing and put forward your objection in person or be represented.

Once a valid representation is received, you will be send an acknowledgement letter or email. A hearing of the Licensing Sub-Committee will be arranged to determine the application.

A full copy of your letter of objection, including contact details will be given to the applicant with their Notice of Hearing. Applicants will therefore be able to contact you before the hearing to offer, where appropriate, amendments to proposed operating hours or to the operating schedule, to address valid objections.

You are entitled to attend the hearing and to address the Licensing Sub-Committee. You will then have an opportunity to tell the councillors why the application should be refused, or why you think the premises should not get longer hours or should have additional conditions. With the permission of the Sub-Committee you may also be allowed to ask the applicant questions about the application and about any evidence they give to the committee in support.

The Sub-Committee may decide to:

  • Approve the application (grant the licence in full), or
  • Refuse the application, or
  • Approve the application with conditions.

If you do not agree with the Sub-Committee decision, you have a right of appeal to the Magistrate’s Court within 21 days of the date of the Decision Notice.

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