Bengeo Quarry

The Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan Review adopted by Hertfordshire County Council In 2007 remains, in autumn 2022, the current planning policy relating to quarrying of sand and gravel in the areas surrounding Hertford.

That plan identifies as a “Preferred Area” for mineral extraction “land adjoining Rickneys Quarry near Hertford”. This preferred area lies to the north of Hertford, to the east of Sacombe Road and the south of Dimmings Lane.

The County Council is inviting views on a “Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Draft Plan”, which contains the draft policies and framework for minerals and waste management in Hertfordshire up until 2040. The consultation period ran from the 22nd July to 30th September 2022.

The Draft Plan identifies three “Mineral Allocation Sites” (MAS). The area lying to the north of Hertford in the 2007 plan is not amongst these three proposed “Mineral Allocation Sites”. Although the County Council is not expected to adopt this Minerals and Waste Local Plan until February 2024 it is unlikely that planning permission would be granted for quarrying of sand and gravel north of Hertford in the light of decisions on planning applications in recent years.

In Spring 2016 a planning application was submitted to extract gravel from an area north of Bengeo (the “Preferred Area” in the 2007 Plan).

Local residents formed a “Stop the Quarry” campaign to oppose the quarry. The Hertford Civic Society collaborated with and supported the campaign. In March 2017, the County Council voted unanimously to refuse planning permission for the quarry.

In October 2017, a second application for a smaller quarry was registered. Around the same time, an appeal was registered against refusal of permission for the first planning application. The applicant also included the second application as part of the appeal, despite the application not having been determined.

The County Council subsequently voted to refuse the second planning application in April 2018.

In May and October 2018, a public enquiry was held. On Thursday 4th April 2019 it was announced that the Secretary of State agreed with the Government Inspector that the appeal should be dismissed and planning permission be refused.

[INS Link to Appeal conclusions]

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