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Meetings and Events for 2016

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27 January 2016

Hertford and Hatfield

Linkages and associations, past, present and future

Anthony Downs, Director of Planning at Hatfield House, who acts on behalf of the Gascoyne-Cecil family, is supportive of local campaigners concerned about draft plans for the Welwyn Hatfield area.

Starting with the historic links between Hertford and Hatfield House, he will then focus on innovative plans for a ‘green corridor’ running parallel to the A414, on its northern side, which could help foster movement by wildlife, pedestrians and cyclists, even as development pressures threaten to worsen an already-endangered landscape. The concept of this ‘green corridor’ is a Hatfield House initiative.

2 March 2016

Brickendonbury as the school for saboteurs in WW2

Bernard O’Connor is the author of a number of books about secret operations in the Second World War, including one specifically about Brickendonbury Manor, Churchill’s School for Saboteurs.

Based on Guy Burgess’s idea of a Guy Fawkes College, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service had Brickendonbury (just outside Hertford) requisitioned to train British and foreign personnel in sabotage techniques.

Who wrote the curriculum? Burgess’s friend Kim Philby.

Taken over by SOE (Special Operations Executive) in 1940, it specialised in training saboteurs for missions across occupied Europe.

20 April 2016

AGM: to be followed by a lecture

Hertford Conservation Area Appraisal.

John Bosworth is a conservation specialist working for East Herts Council, whose current responsibilities include various Conservation Area Reviews.

He will talk about conservation policies in East Herts, focusing on Hertford in particular.

This lecture should be of great interest to anyone who cherishes Hertford.

18 May 2016

Local outing to Haileybury

A local outing to Haileybury for ‘trench trail’, with guided tour of WW1 replica trench and other memorial items, with refreshment afterwards

Your events organiser has tried out this ‘trench trail’ which Haileybury College has been running for interested members of the public on an occasional basis, and for numerous local schools. It is a very moving experience, extremely well presented, replete with case studies focusing on individuals, families, sports teams and year groups torn apart by the First World War.

One highlight is the replica trench, constructed under the direction of an expert military historian, and complete with a couple of ‘dugouts’. But there are plenty of other features and memorials, in addition to the trench.

8 June 2016

Visit to Chatham Historic Dockyard

Chatham Dockyard was the place more often suggested than anywhere else by those who came on our recent visits to Faversham and Rochester. It is completely fascinating, as can be reported after a recent visit.

It is well suited to group/coach experience; our visit will start with a preliminary guided tour, making use of our coach.

There is something for everyone: not just docks but three ships to explore, including one built like the ‘Cutty Sark’ and also two more modern warships (a destroyer and a submarine), an historic garden, a working brewery (good beer), and the Ropewalk where we will get an additional guided tour and demonstration of rope making presented with great panache by a woman in period costume (the Ropewalk was the main sphere for women’s work in late C19 Chatham docks, and was once the longest building in the country).

There is a nice place to eat and drink, near the garden.

14 September 2016

Civic Society Awards Ceremony

2016 sees Hertford Civic Society running the competition for awards for good architecture in the town, for the first time in four years, and this process is always something to celebrate at its conclusion.

To mark the culmination of the awards process, there will be speeches and refreshments at Hertford Castle.

Tickets will be available from Peter and Susan Brown’s shop in St Andrew St from mid August or from committee members including Terry Betts, Richard Threlfall and Malcolm Ramsay.

Doors open at 7.00pm, speeches at 8.00pm.

9 November 2016

Affordable Housing

Jackie Trundell of Riversmead, one of the largest providers of affordable housing in East Herts, will explain what this kind of housing actually involves.

What does it look like? How much of it currently exists? How do eligible people access it?

In addition she will talk briefly about the current and future work of Riversmead.

Unless otherwise stated meetings take place in the Hall of the Church of the Immaculate Conception and St Joseph, St John’s Street, Hertford and usually start at 8 pm with refreshments from 7:45 pm

Non members are welcome on payment of £2.00.

For any queries and bookings, please CONTACT Malcolm Ramsay.

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